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Breaking from the Spirit of Lack
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A Prophetic Teaching By Dr.Thomas Manton IV

7 Reasons For Poverty And Lack & 7 Ways to Move from Lack Into Abundance!

    7 Reasons For Poverty And Lack:

  1.  Not Keeping Your Word (Lack of Personal Integrity)
  2. Frowning On God’s Messengers and the Message of Abundance And Prosperity
  3. Not  Being Meek Or Teachable
    (Jesus said: We must have the blind faith and innocence of a child to receive)
  4. Laziness and slothfulness
    (Lack of work)  (Being slow to embark on any necessary Project)
  5. Generational Curses (Passed down the ‘blood-lines’)
  6. Sin:  (8 Categories)

         1. Producing Strife and Envy or Jealousy
         2. Being Unduly Judgemental or Critical
         3. Murmuring Against God
         4. Living with Broken Covenants (in Tithing & Offering)
         5. Remaining with Unpaid Vows
         6. Living in Sexual Sin
         7. Holding or Producing Unforgiveness/Malice/or Hatred
         8. Pride (you must ‘humble’ yourself; and also ask for help until you get it! You have not because you ask not...)
   7. Your Thinking and Mind-Set (Romans 12:1-3) Reasons for Poverty:
             A Poverty Mindset and Mentality:

          o You can’t get in your hand what you don’t see in your mind.
          o You can’t be ‘cheap’ and stingy and truly prosper.
          o God is El Shaddai (not ‘El Cheapo’) ~He is more than enough and ultimately ‘too’ much!  
          o The rich young ruler couldn’t even see the ‘prosperity’ Jesus was inviting him into.

     Prosperity Power Principles:

    * Seek first the Kingdom and all these other things will be added to you ~Matt. 6:33.
    * Jesus had Joanna and Susanna ~ who ministered to him out of their riches ~ Luke 8:3.
    * Genesis 13: 14, 15 ~ God said: “All the land that you see, Abraham, I will give you for your own posterity!”
    * Ps. 118:25 ~ David demanded in his bold prophetic prayer; “Send now prosperity, Lord!”
    * Ps. 35:27 ~ David said God delights in the prosperity of His servant as the people favour and follow the man of God’s righteous cause!
    * The power of life and death are in our tongues.

    Ask Yourself These Important Questions:

  •  What are you saying and confessing with your mouth?
  • Do you believe in abundance?   (Proverbs 24: “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.”)
  • Do you believe abundance can happen in your Life? (3 John 2_
  • Are you regularly ‘confessing’ poverty, lack and failure?
  • Or are you regularly ‘confessing’ prosperity and abundance and success?
  • Are you making ‘big’ plans with your Life?  
  • What is God really asking you to do?  
  • What is His vision for your life?
  • Where does He want you to do it?
  • With whom does He want you to do it with?
  • When does He want you to do it?
  • When is the perfect time?  (It’s ‘usually’ Now! I hope you take that ‘hint!’) 
  • (God can give you anything that you are ‘ready’ for in just 24 hours if necessary!)
  • When you get ‘properly-positioned’ in the Will of God, then you will truly begin to prosper! Amen!